Dating randall made knives

Ask bernard levine: your knife questions answered on line what kind of knife is it when and where was it made. Randall military models: fighters, bowies and full tang and dating fighting knives produced in the the intrinsic beauty of the early randall made knives. Help in dating anot older randall model 18 randall knives they are unreliable as a dating tool for knives made, shipped, stored, or what randall. Selling randall made knives at catalog prices we always have a nice selection of new and used knives at fair prices randall's largest full service dealer. Threads tagged with randall : thread / thread starter: dating old randall blades by blade stamp randall made knives model 12 bear bowie with custom engraving. Rhett asked me to write an article about dating randall made knives this was brought to fruition due to one of the topics discussed during the randall knife society meeting at the blade.

Help date and identify randall knife, sheath and stone brady_bunch_200 2 pathfinder the sheath has 1-7 stamped on it along with randall made knives. We have a vintage randall knife knife has early rough back johnson sheath with an unmarked sharpening stone dating knife randall made knives 10-3. Quick question: i was looking over the randall made knives catalog that came in the mail i was surprised at the cost-i expected them to be more expen. Home forums manufacturer's forums collector's forums the randall made knives model 1 randall -need help dating it can anyone help with dating this knife. This site is dedicated to the collecting of randall made knives i buy randall knives - one knife or the entire collection - in addition to selling them browse my merchandise, my personal. Randall made knives quick reference guide durable reference that does a fine job of unlocking the mysteries of dating randall made knives in a simple.

Randall sergeants model made with bone linen micarta from the captain's 'stash' check it out 2018 capt chris stanaback knives sportsman services. We normally have a selection of used knives in stock please check often and these knives are also on a first come first serve basis.

Randall made solingen knife my aunt gave this to my father after my uncle passed not sure where or how he got it i know nothing more about it other. Randall made knives ordered a new stamp because the old one was wearing out the limitations are precision in dating example knives. Randall made knives™ offers numerous models not shown in the catalogue for sale these specialty knives can be ordered just like the catalog knives. Knife knotes part v on randall’s i have put together a list of some generalities in sheath dating the sources are: randall made knives book by bob.

Dating randall made knives

Whether you are hunting, carving, or fishing, you will want to choose randall made for the sharpest, and best in blades, with an unbeatable performance. A must for any knife collector the cd provides an excellent and quick tool for the identification and dating of randall made knives as well as information on the sheaths and related. This particular knife is a model 2 with eight inch blade dating to the vietnam war era there is no finer fighting knife in the world than a randall made knife.

  • Randall knives made from 1967 -1972 that had stainless blades were stamped with the randall logo stamp and a separate stamp to mark the blades stainless steel.
  • If so, we'd like to talk knives with you or, with anyone else interested in 'randall made' knives for that matter sheldon and edna.
  • If you collect early randall knives you know the importance of this piece and how it authenticated by joe dorsky who is the current randall made knives.
  • Model 1 – all purpose fighting knife this is the knife made famous by allied combat troops in world war ii and since widely used in all theaters of war.
  • Are randall made knifes worth what you pay for them my opinion is they're just a collector knife they're other knives that are just as good.

The western knife company was a manufacturer of hunting knives which began more than a few of platts' sales trips were made in the company of another. Randall made knives, tricked out randall made model 1 knife, useing a randall made knife, what is thevpurpose of thevsawteeth on a randle knife. Dating old randall blades by blade stamp - the knife network forums : knife making discussions randall made knives, orlando, florida usa. All you all are smarter than me, of this, there is no doubt, so, help me with this if you can i inherited a randall knife, like the one in the.

Dating randall made knives
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